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An early Christmas miracle spuriously related to pizza in a small way

Last night, after a not especially good day that had followed a decidedly iffy weekend which itself acted as bookend to a positively awful end of the week, I headed to East Dulwich to join an old friend for a couple of drinks and discuss various projects on which we were (by which I mean “he was”) currently working. I decided to head there early and while away half an hour playing on the pub quiz machine in The Vale bar, as, in these troubled times, few things give me greater pleasure than enjoying a few cracks at the jackpot on Secret Letter, which for the uninitiated is basically a word game seemingly created specifically so that those of us of an anagrammatical bent can milk it for beer money.

A pub quiz machine, yesterday

The problem is that Secret Letter is so easy, its £10 jackpot so eminently achievable, that it tends to get rotated out of the active games selection (because that’s what happens nowadays – if a game is proving to be too lucrative for punters, it gets removed from the playlist automatically by the machine. The swines!) before you get a chance to have a crack at it. Well, I can tell you that Secret Letter was still very much an available option on the quiz machine in The Vale, the £10 jackpot was still available (there is NOTHING worse than getting onto Secret Letter and finding out that the jackpot has gone done to £1, nothing on Earth) and that, most perplexingly and magnificently of all, there was an inexplicable £5.50 of credit in the machine.

Dear pizza blog reader, I do not know who left that credit in there, nor why, nor when. I can merely inform you that in my first game of Secret Letter, I won the £10 jackpot, followed by a £1 runners-up prize, followed by the £10 jackpot a second time. I then followed this up with £1 from Match Of The Day: The Road To Glory and then another £4 from Deal Or No Deal. Which meant that, when I went skipping out into the night, I had made £26 on an investment of absolutely nothing whatsoever, and I was, for some reason, no longer in a bad mood.

So what relevance has this in relation to pizza? Well, simply that I then went and spunked a good deal of that £26 on Rioja in The Gowlett, a fantastic little gem of a pub on the SE22 / SE15 borders which happens to do as good a selection of pub pizzas as you’re going to find anywhere in south London. And, just as I was arriving, I got a text from the missus asking if we could get a Christmas tree for the flat next week. Well, how could I possibly refuse? I had, after all, just been party to a tiny miracle, and better yet, one involving a pub quiz machine, the best kind of miracle of them all.

A Gowlett pizza - you can see more of his ilk by clicking here

Up next: Jon Horsley, creator of the brilliant tvbite.com on Zen and the art of pizza topping. Stay tuned…


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  1. herrdaubs says:

    Was happy to take a pint’s worth of your proceedings, Petey. Cheers! Burp.

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