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Chicago deep dish pizza revisited, and this time it’s a resounding success!

12 Inch Pete Treat’s army of followers will already know that Rosie and I have had one crack at a Chicago-style deep dish pizza once before, and it was simultaneously a) awesome and b) a failure, because we did it on the wrong temperature and the lid burst. So, this weekend, we decided we’d have another crack at it. And so we did. And it was fricking INCREDIBLE.

I won’t bore you with the details of the insane concoction of meat that we spooned into it, how we judged the browning of the cheese to perfection, or how I giggled like a mischievous schoolboy as I stuffed the first mouthful into my waterfalling maw. Instead, let us go straight to the traditional stage-by-stage preparation process, so we can speed to the money shot.

Stage 1: balls!

Stage 1: Preperation of our main filling – pork meatballs with crushed fennel and chilli, with some crisped pancetta rashers thrown in for good measure. Meatballs are like God’s testes.

Stage 2: saucy!

Step 2: The sauce. We broke the mould here, by using some puréed tomatoes. Yeah, we like to think outside of the box.

Stage 3: dough!

Step 3: Okay, your dough is done, so we take our exciting new springform pan, which is nine inches wide and has quite low sides, and line the bottom with dough, leaving plenty of overhang.

Stage 4: you put your first cheese in

Step 4: A nice, vaguely-but-not-too-generous layer of grated mozzerella.

Stage 5: it's all meat from here on in

Step 5: It’s meat time. First up we have our chums Mr Chorizo and Mr Cracked Pepper Salami…

Stage 6: get your balls out

Step 6: …And then in go our old friends, you met them earlier, Messrs Meatballs and Pancetta. Hi guys!

Stage 7: Quorn not pictured

Step 7: And then some more chorizo and salami, because WHY THE FRIG NOT?

Stage 8: wake up, time to pie

Step 8: Okay, then you add another layer of dough to seal it all in, trim off the majority of the overhang from the pan, and then roll the remaining overhang inwards to form a crust. Make sure you poke lots of prick-holes (snigger!) into the top crust as that baby’s going to steam up inside.

Stage 9: spoon on the red stuff

Step 9: Remember that tomato sauce we mentioned earlier? Now it’s his time to shine!

Stage 10: Parmesan cheese, if you please

Step 10: Parmesan gratings! Get your ass over here!

Stage 11: A-wella-wella-wella Mozzerella

Step 11: Buffalo Mozzerella, what the dangnabbitting hell are you waiting for? Get in there!

Stage 12: here's one we made recently

Step 12: Oops, bit of a leap there! Okay, after 40-45 minutes in an oven pre-heated to 190 centigrade, you should be faced with something that looks not unlike this…

Stage 13: perfection is unveiled

Step 13: …Then when you pop the springform pan off it looks like this…

Stage 14: slicing the pie

Step 14: … And then you carve off a slice and you get this! Note the meatball peeking coyly out from within, begging to be nibbled! Oh meatball, you are so NAUGHTY!

And finally... There were no survivors.

Step 15: Half an hour later, you should be left with a pizza that looks like this. And yes, that is a pot of Papa John’s garlic dip that we purchased specifically to eat with our pizza. WE WENT OUT TO PAPA JOHN’S AND BOUGHT DIPS. If that makes us bad people, then so be it.


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  1. gobblemonkey says:

    this looks well tasty

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