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Celebrate good times come on!

A group of 12 Inch Pete Treat followers rejoice over the good news after the 3,000 hits mark is shattered


This blog is now ten days old and I’m very pleased to announce that it has just coquettishly nibbled the ear of 3,000 hits. Now, I have no idea whether this is any good or not, and I’m not so damn fool stupid as to fail to realise that a good deal of these hits have resulted from one of my posts ostensibly being about porn and containing phrases like “Jenna Jameson” and “Alisha’s special talent”, and another being retweeted by a load of top glamour models. Also, weirdly, a lot of traffic seems to have come this way from the forums of Football365 but since you apparently have to undergo some kind of Fort Knox-style security perimeter before you can actually look at said forums, I have no idea why.

Anyhoo, treating the 3,000 hits milestone as if it is the Best fucking Actor statuette at the Oscars rather than some vague indication that this whole sorry endeavour is doing reasonably well, I’d just like to give my thanks to the always-outstanding, never-demanding Rosie Mullender for her guest drop and recipe help, the equally outstanding Buddy’s Pizza of Michigan for their guest recipe, Claire McGill at Dominos for her support at this difficult time, and my many many guest bloggers who are queuing up to have their say on those flat discs of dough that we love so much. 12 Inch Pete Treat is officially off and running now, giving me ample time to reflect and regret that blog title, which makes it sound like I am boasting about the actually rather meagre size of my downstairsy bits.


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