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Alright, stop… Glamour time! Top models nominate their favourite pizzas

The world of pizza is not necessarily one that is synonymous with glamour, although I like to think that this blog, with its gleaming guest stars and bright colours, goes some way towards adding a touch of glitter to the mix, like sprinkling gold dust upon your quattro formaggio. Well, this is most definitely the most glamorous of all my posts, and indeed all pizza blog posts ever, being as it is me posing the question, “What is your favourite pizza and why?” to some of the UK’s top glamour models. I am full aware that I will be accused of favouritism after all this, but I can only report my findings as they were told to me. Don’t worry, the following is entirely suitable for work – those of you who are looking for hot nude sex action can find some by clicking here.


Kelly Hall

“Dominos Stuffed Crust, with half Mighty Meaty and half Meateor. What else would you want on a pizza? Best of both worlds!”


Rosie Jones

“My favourite pizza is a Dominos large Meat Feast with stuffed crust because it’s the most topping-crammed pizza, with lots of dips of course! Unless I’m feeling particularly posh then I go for Pizza Express with garlic dough balls.”


Clare Richards

“Dominos Meat Feast. How anyone can be a veggie I do not know…”


Sophie Howard

“Dominos Pepperoni Passion with a BBQ base, just because its’ totally hot!”


Emma Glover

“Dominos Stuffed Crust, Half and Half as I’m too indecisive to choose one. One half is Meat Feast and the other is Hawaiian.”


India Reynolds

“Dominos create your own with sweetcorn and pineapple. Yes, I’m weird.”


Stacey Massey

“Spicy all the way! Probably something with spicy beef and jalepenos.”


Poppy Woods

“Meat Feast with the stuffed edge from Pizza Hut, because it’s fit!”


Lindsey Strutt

“Definitely Dominos Meat Feast with all the trimmings – onion, pepper, mushrooms. That way you’re getting your meat and veg! There should also be a garlic dip.”

And there you have it. What conclusions can we draw from all this? Mainly that our finest glamour lovelies sure do love a Dominos, but that Pizza Hut can draw some consolation from the fact that they are “fit.” And isn’t that what we are all aiming for, at the end of the day?


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4 Responses

  1. Glover says:

    I am now drooling on the train seat!! Dominos pizza!!! GET IN MY FACE

  2. @Mullies says:

    What’s wrong with Papa John’s?! Eating it makes you 12% sexier, FACT.

  3. Then I suspect that you eat one every day, little lady.

  4. Italian Pizza Fan says:

    I love that all the models want big, meaty pizzas. I live in Italy (home of pizza!) and if you asked any model, or any girl come to that, they would all say ‘Margherita’. Boring!

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