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In praise of… The Breakfast Pizza

At the risk of coming over all English Defence League (I think that, on this occasion, I’ll refrain from providing a link to that website), one thing that I like about being British is our inventiveness with leftovers. I don’t know whether this is a general rule, but when I was a nipper it was drummed into me that the bits that were surplus to requirements in the preparation of a pie or cake, could still be moulded into something else equally wonderful, if indeed there is anything as wonderful as a pie. One of my favourite childhood treats, for example, was getting to scoop out the leftover icing from the bowl after my mum had iced her cakes. Ah yes – even back then I was a big fat greedy bastard.

When Rosie and myself make pizza – I say this like it’s a common thing, when the reality is that we have made two in three months, although we’re intending to make more provided she can continue to bear going out with me – we always have leftover dough, leftover pizza sauce and leftover toppings. So we make breakfast pizza the following morning, like shivering alcoholics taking an early-morning two-fingers nip to make the DTs go away for a while. Now, in the weeks to come, Rosie will be doing a guest drop on thie blog in praise of the modern phenomenon that is “reheating last night’s pizza to have for breakfast” and she will do so with with, charm, and a writing flair that will be conspicuous in its absence from all other entries on this blog.

But what I am talking about is making a whole new, breakfast-friendly pizza out of the aforementioned leftovers. Because, when you think about it, if you’re dealing with bread, tomato sauce, sausage and ham, then you are dealing with the very fundamentals of a good British breakfast. And ham.

If you’re not now sold on the idea of pizza as a legitimate breakfast option, then a) I suspect you may be reading the wrong blog, b) I hate you and c) I am going to show you how to make one to persuade you. Don’t worry, it won’t take long. Not like that Chicago deep dish one, that one went on forever. It’s just a very small series of photographs really, taking you from start to finish, via meat. So this is your pizza before you whack it in the over. Bit of ham, bit of pizza sauce, some mozzerella, a tad thinner than usual in the crust.

Ham, cheese, tomato... See, it's easy!

So, as you can see, it’s basically your common-or-garden pizza, but with about four or five minutes to go, I cracked a couple of eggs onto it to turn it into a proper breakfast pizza. Time this right and the eggs are still runny, although as you can see from this picture, I cracked mine on too early. Even so, how delicious does that look? Yum ham! Yum eggs! Yum ham and eggs!

There is no meal that cannot be improved by the addition of two eggs

Ah, my tastebuds perform a gleeful fol-de-rol at the merest memory of such delights. Yes, the breakfast pizza is here and it’s here to stay, unless you all think it’s ridiculous and would prefer porridge anyway. In which case, you have my most sincere pity. Well, I think it’s time to end proceedings on a high, with a photograph of a palpably obese Midlander tucking in to a delicious, egg-strafed breakfizza. Bon appetit!

The actor Tom Hardy tucks into his breakfast pizza, yesterday


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4 Responses

  1. palmface says:

    The All’Inglese (see what they did there) from Pizza Lupo is equally amaze: http://lupa.co.uk/pizza-lupa-menu/

    And they’re huge.

  2. Oh my LORD, that looks incredible. And there’s one of these located about 200 yards from my girlfriend’s front door (although she doesn’t like mushrooms)…

  3. herrdaubs says:

    I like a cold leftover slice of a morn, and even the odd stray ant on board hasn’t stopped me indulging. Although I once drew the line at a carelessly discarded condom topping…

  4. […] it’s way too chewy. Or, if you made your own pizza instead of ordering in, you can make the magnificent breakfast pizza with the leftovers. Bon appétit! The author with two of her many celebrity […]

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