The place where pizza comes to be written about

A joke with pizza in it

"A pizza blogger walks into a bar..."

So this guy is spending his first day in prison, and he’s understandably not happy about it. His cellmate senses his displeasure, so decides to offer him some comfort, and says, “Hey, this place isn’t so bad. It’s actually quite easy time, there’s always something going on to distract you. Do you play pool?”
The new guy nods.
“Well, every Monday we have Pool Night. We get the pool table out and we all have a tournament, with prizes for the winner. Do you like pizza?”
The new guy nods again.
“Well, every Tuesday, the wardens send out and we all have a couple of slices of delicious Chicago-style deep dish pizza for dinner. Do you like to watch football?”
“Yeah,” says the new guy, cheering up now.
“Well, every Wednesday, we get the big screen TV out and we watch the night’s big football match, and then the highlights later. Do you like gay sex?”
“No!” says the new guy.
“Oh well,” sighs his cellmate, “you’re not going to like Thursdays.”



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