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The making of… Chicago-style deep dish pizza

So. As I was saying yesterday, me and Rosie decided to make a Chicago-style pizza and it was out of this world, or indeed any of the civilised worlds where pizza-eating is the norm. If you wanted to follow suit, you could watch a professional chef making one by clicking here, or stop being such an asshole and see how we did it instead.

STEP 1: I’m going to skip all the pizza dough preparation gubbins and assume that you know it all, and go straight into the pizza construction bit. You’ll need a springform pan – ours was probably a bit high in the sides and not wide enough, but it got the job done – into which you place your base. It should be a tad thicker than if you were making your own regular thin crust pizza, and there should be some overhang over the sides of the pan, but not too much. See below. Rosie doesn’t have a tattoo, by the way, it’s temporary.

Britain's #1 pizzaola works her magic

STEP TWO: Coat the bottom of the base with a generous layer of mozzerella slices, or to put it another way, put way too much cheese in the bottom.

Warning: not suitable for the lactose-intolerant

STEP THREE: Sprinkle a small amount of meat on top of the cheese. We used Hungarian paprika sausage, pepperoni and some fancy ham lardons that we got at Waitrose, where we also bought some of those Screme Eggs. Have you seen them? They’re awesome.

That's my hand!

STEP THREE POINT ONE: Look at the small amount of meat you have put in, decide that it is nowhere near enough, and dump in a load more.

Any pigs who may be watching, look away now

STEP FOUR: Decide that there wasn’t enough cheese under the meat, but since you can no longer gain access to the cheese to augment its presence, put some more mozzerella on top of the meat. And some parmesan.

Are you getting all this? Good

STEP FIVE: Take the remaining rolled-out pizza dough and place on top of the unholy amount of meat and cheese that you have already placed in the base.

Gotta get that dough

STEP FIVE POINT ONE: Roll the dough overhang towards the middle of the pizza so it forms some kind of crust, and then make sure you prick the top layer of dough with a knife very many times because… Erm… I think you get a lot of steam build-up in there or something. Yeah, that sounds about right.

Rosie has actually tried to stab me with this very knife, fact fans

STEP SIX: Cover the top layer of your pizza with your pizza sauce. We made our own using smushed tomatos, basil and a pinch of sugar, but you can get yours out of a jar if you like. Here at 12 Inch Pete Treat, we do not judge.

I totally made that sauce myself, you know

STEP SEVEN: Add more cheese. We used pinchfuls (is that even a word?) of buffalo mozzerella and a more heavy layer of parmesan. And then, buddy, you have got a Chicago style deep dish pizza that is ready to cook!

We have got ourselves a motherfrickin' PIZZA

STEP EIGHT: Okay, I’ll level with you now. Me and Rosie made this pizza in its entirety while we were rather inebriated, and the whole thing was thrown together in about 45 minutes from first preparation of dough to slam-it-in-the-oven time (X Factor was on at 8 and we don’t like to miss it). So there were bound to be casualties. It turned out that we miscalculated the oven setting we should have been using – 190 degrees Fahrenheit for about 40 minutes is good, we had the oven on about 280 by mistake – and so the pastry lid blew up like a big delicious toe blister and left us with a pizza that wasn’t so much “deep dish” as “more or less spherical.” But all was not lost. We simply removed the afflicted lid and decided to have the pizza open-topped, which is actually how a lot of people take their deep dish pizza anyway. So when we popped the oven open at about 8.40 in the PM, we were met with this…


And, although it might not look like much (actually, scratch that, it looks bloody awesome) it was AB SO FLAY MING LOOT LEE incredible. It really was. I have to admit that my involvement in it was rather “advisory” or “observational”, although you could argue that the arduous sauce-stirring role was an essential one. The bottom line is, we dined on a huge, fat, meat-stuffed, cheese-oozing, ever-so-slightly hard-to-handle wedge of monster pizza in the Chicago style that night, and it was exquisite. So here, to end, is the obligatory blurred picture of the half-finished item. The rest, by now, lived in our contented guts.

I know I am blurred but you get the general gist

We are available for catering gigs at very short notice. Thanks to Adam Richman and Man Vs Food for the inspiration.


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  3. herrdaubs says:

    This would offend the purist. While I know pizzas are often referred to as “pies” in NYC, this displays worrying elements of the quiche/tart, and would trouble my masculinity. Don’t forget where you came from, Petey – who you are.

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